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Nan (Patient) 01-17-2012
Tremendous doctor! Knowledgable with terrific bedside manner. One of the best doctors of any kind I've seen (I'm 53 years old). Kind, patient, makes you feel like you matter. Listens well. Took my 20-year old daughter to him, he was very sensitive to her and her medical questions and needs. Can't say enough good things about Dr. Gallagher and his support staff (friendly, helpful).

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Dale A (Patient) 06-01-2011
I have been a patient of Dr. Gallagher's for 15 plus years. He is extremely knowledgeable and has an amazing gift to be compassionate and attentive. I always leave feeling so grateful for the experience and wish everyone could have a Dr. that has such high integrity. He is without a doubt the very best doctor I have every had and recommend him highly!

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Heidi B (Patient) 05-19-2009
Dr. Gallagher delivered my son in 1995 while I lived in Vermont. He was always so attentive and I have to say pretty understanding to my situation (very immature, young single parent then). He is an oustanding doctor and even after 14 years I will never forget his services!

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Amy Poirier (Patient) 01-28-2007
Dr. Gallagher took my case as a recommendation from my Primary Physician. Within 6 months and lengthy conversations we, together, determined the next step which ended in a removal of the uterus. I had struggled for 24 years with heavy cycles, low iron and increasing recovery time from each cycle. This Dr. did not discount my theories on the reason for my situation and always considered my feelings and fears associated with the plan to eliminate this increasingly serious situation. He seems interested in the full data on a patient, meaning, knowing the history from top to bottom. We discussed how, many times, critical info is lost when a patient changes physicians (for whatever reason) and that includes following through even after the surgery. His nurse's biggest complaints is trying to schedule his patients. This is because he is careful to spend enought time with each person so that he is sure they fully understand the conversation. His methods of explanation are clear and detailed, you can never feel bad about asking the same question two or three or many times. He will take the time to explain either with words, examples or with the use of pictures and models. He truly is in this for the betterment of his patients health and well being. He was always available via phone or office for both my husband and I. (I swear the guy does not sleep). He invited my husband in several times to discuss the plan and during my surgery, was available to help him understand what was happening and how he could participate in my recovery. His team made me feel as though I was the only patient they had. Many times when I was in the office, I saw maternity patients going in with a certain amount of fear and leaving with a smile and a genuine sense of well being. I am thankful to have met Dr. Gallagher, if only I had found him sooner. I highly recommend him to anyone in this area.

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Fletcher Allen Health Care
Fletcher Allen Health Care Colchecter ave Burlington Vermont VT 5401
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Office 55 Main ST Essex Junction VT 5452
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(802) 879
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(802) 878

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university of Vermont College of Medicine
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(39 years of experience)

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