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Vicky (Patient) 02-28-2009
From the first post. Dr. McGuire has NOT retired yet. He is still working. I would say he has cut his hours and surgery time back but still working. I am having my operation in June and was told it will be him. So no Dr. McGuire has not retired . He also does not take new patients however has another urologist who has been hand picked and selected to take over for him. This urogolist Dr. Clemmens I have not met yet however his credentials are outstanding. He did his fellowship under Dr.McGuire- I say no more needed then that.
Vicky RN Patient

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Chris C (Friend) 02-01-2009
Dr. McGuire is the BEST !! My wife Nancy went to Dr McGuire to take care of her fistula in her bladder. The original surgeon, Dr Sibson (who I wouldn't recommend to anybody), did the original surgery and sewed the vaginal cuff to the bladder, which caused the fistula. Dr. Mcguire took care of my wife and carefully monitored her situation weekly, until he performed the surgery. Dr. McGuire is very understanding and compassionate and today my wife is doing very well and has had no problems. Thank you Dr McGuire for EVERYTHING!! I hope you are enjoying your retirement. Thank you for being so compassionate/caring/understanding to the people who needed your knowledge and skills to correct the problems others had caused. You have helped so MANY people. It was a great pleasure to have known you. I hope that your interns that you have trained and mentored over the years will be as good as you in helping others .God Bless you !!!

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Vicky from Kalamazoo MI (Patient) 08-17-2007
I can't say enough about Dr. McGuire.I have severe interstitial cystitis and was refered to him back in 2000 from Dr. Dana Ohl one of his partners. I have bladder treatments every six months under a general anesthetic. Dr. McGuire instills a post -op cocktail of Marcaine etc into my bladder after the treatment is over.
My pain and anxiety levels from the post -op pain upon awakening due to this cocktail is my godsend. Dr. McGuire is also very empathetic and very supportive of this terrible disease I have. He is an excellent professor to the medical school. I have had urologist fellows from all over the USA studying with him. I am a recovery room Rn of twenty years and feeling very blessed to have Dr. McGuire for the few years till he retires. I am selfish as I will be very sad when he retires. I do know he will leave me with another urologist of high caliber. No one will match his skill and expertise- those will be hard shoes to follow. He is also listed in the book of top 100 MD's in USA.
After almost 20 years of having this disease I am unable to work anymore. I am and will be considered for SS disability. I know Dr. McGuire will help me get my disability. He told me seven years ago when the time comes I will help you. In my mind I thought I would work longer...... now I go out on long term disability sad but however blessed that Dr. McGuire is my urologist and I tell everyone that. He is also well respected by our group of urologist here in Kalamazoo , Michigan. One last thing Dr. McGuire runs a tough urology residency program. I observe this as an RN and that's the way I believe a program should be run. He expects his residents to be prompt, and to have done there homework before a case.
See you soon Dr. McGuire - Vicky N in Kalamazoo

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stacy (Patient) 07-25-2007
he is just simply wonderful!!

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Nancy Celmer (Patient) 01-29-2007
Dr. McGuire is wonderful!! I can't say enough about him. I had a hysterectomy on 10/10/05, and the dr. stitched my vaginal cuff to my bladder. As a result of that, I ended up with a golf ball sized hole in my bladder! I was flooding urine out of my vagina two weeks after the surgery. I went to Dr. McGuire, a urologist, at the University of Michigan Health Center. This was the worst experience of my life, living with catheters, depends, pads, and smelling like a uninal! Dr. McGuire is world renowned for his procedures. I was told by other urologists that the surgery would be abdominal, then cutting the bladder in half to get to the back side of the bladder to stitch the hole, then stitching up the hole they cut, and then stitching my abdomin. Dr. Mcguire did this surgery for me all vaginally! I had two repairs since the first one didn't fix it cause the hole was so big. I had the second repair 3 months after the first, and I am now dry after 9 months. He is a Godsend to me and I love him for his ability. Nobody else that I talked with has his skill to do these repairs. It's called a vesicovaginal fistula. I am now back to almost normality. I would reccommend him to anyone!

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