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TotemFerret (Patient) 07-08-2008
Dr. Agarwalla ROCKS! Her bedside manner is excellent and she and her staff at the Olson Women's Center have been amazing in listening to me and being gentle, kind, and informative with this neurotic soul. :)

Dr. Agarwalla performed a laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy on me June 17, 2008 because of heavy ongoing bleeding and cramping. The procedure was supposed to be a straightforward removal of uterus and cervix. Instead, when they got a look at what was going on inside, Dr. Agarwalla discovered that I had advanced Stage IV endometriosis. It was very ugly in there and I ended up losing all reproductive structures except my right ovary.

First Way She Rocks: Most surgeons would have converted to an open incision due to the severity of the problem. She did NOT have to do this!! I was so happy, because this would have made my recovery much longer and more difficult.

Second Way She Rocks: I was dreading the horrible shoulder pain from the gas used during laparoscopy after watching someone very close to me go through the sheer agony of it. Turns out, Dr. A herself has developed a way to drain the gas out of the abdomen! I had NO pain from that at all!! I was so relieved.

I honestly cannot think of anything negative about her or the Olson Center. IMHO she is a fantastic surgeon with a good bedside manner and I would recommend her to anyone facing GYN surgery.

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Donna (Patient) 02-04-2007
Neena Agarwala is the finest doctor I have ever been entrusted to. She performed a laproscopic hysterectomy on me in March 2006. I was considered a high risk patient for several reasons and I had consulted with 2 other doctors about a hysterectomy. I researched laproscopic procedures extensively on the internet and found her, for which I am very grateful. She hand picks her surgical team; has a wonderful bedside manner; is extremely knowledgeable; is an Asst. Professor on the topic at Univ. of NE Medical Center in Omaha, NE; she explains, in detail, the options and procedures; and is a very caring person. I cannot think of enough complimentary adjectives to describe Dr. Agarwala. My husband was extremely impressed with her as well. The minute I met her, I knew I would entrust my life to her. I have not been back since my surgery and followup. I have felt so great with such quick recovery, I have no need to return, but you can be assured that if I need medical care in her specialty, I would return without hesitation. The correct spelling of her first name is "Neena". Thank you for allowing me to share my experience.

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Karen West (Patient) 01-29-2007
I had to have my hysterectomy because of several fibroid tumors on my uterus. Dr Agarwalla was the doctor to whom I was sent by my primary care provider. She specializes in laproscopic surgeries. I was really scared and she was very personable and thorough in her exams as well as explaining about the surgery and what the possible complications could be. She also took the time to explain all the options available to me and made sure that I was thoroughly informed on my decision to have the hysterectomy.

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