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Orthopedics - Missouri Saint Louis

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(City : Saint Louis)
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Orthopedic Surgery

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Esther B (Patient) 09-30-2010
Dr. Whiteside has replaced both my hips and one of my knees. I have had great results from all my surgeries. I have a congenital osteoarthritic condition in my joints leading me to have to have replacement surgeries at a rather young age. My hips had to be replaced when I was in my mid forties. Thirteen years later (2010) I finally (after years and years of putting it off) succumbed to knee replacement surgery.

My knee was particularly bad and with his work (including much bone grafting as well as a replacement joint), I am finally walking without a limp. He corrected a difference in my leg length with this surgery, too.

His manner when you are in his office for an appointment is very professional and clinical (generally he has students following him on his rounds and in his appointments). But when you are finally being prepped for surgery and he comes in to see you before you are wheeled in (and to re verify and mark the correct limb!), he seems like a different person. His eyes are shining and he comes in smiling, very relaxed and happy. I take this as a positive sign that he genuinely enjoys his work.

I was recommended to him by about five different people. I find him to be a fine surgeon and very knowledgeable of ailments of the hip and knee. He is at the point in his life where he has had very extensive experience in his field and I have been told that many people come to him to correct poor outcomes from other orthopedic providers. I had no issues with my interactions with him. He is always very professional and demands that his patients follow his instructions.

Dr. Whiteside does not like to prescribe pain medicine unnecessarily and especially insists that his patients not take pain medicine just so that they can "abuse" their joints. He takes your concerns seriously. *He possibly could return calls in a more timely fashion, but he is very involved in the best outcomes for his patients.

He spends much time traveling and lecturing on his techniques and the orthopedic devices that he has developed. leaving him less time to be in the office, but he does make it a point to see patients when he is between trips. I called his office during a busy month for his travel and got an appointment within a few days. His office personnel are responsive and professional.

I heartily recommend this doctor.

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Office 10 Barnes West Dr Ste 100 Saint Louis Saint Louis MO 63141
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(314) 2052223
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(314) 2052324

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Univ Of Tx Southwestern Med Ctr At Dallas, Med Sch, Dallas Tx 75235
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(49 years of experience)

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